Conference of East Zone Bowling Association    

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Revised August 2014


The purpose of this manual is to set policies and procedure to which

the CEZBA USBC B.A. will abide by. Any changes to these policies 

and procedures will require a majority (50 percent + 1) vote of those 


Article I


1. Reports be limited to 3 - 5 minutes.

2. There will be 3 meetings a year: 

A; 1st meeting to will be between Jan - May held in The 1st Vice-Pres area

B; second meeting will be the annual meetng in August 

C;  3rd meeting will be held at the State Jamboree in October 

3. Delegates will be required to register with president or Executive director. 

4. Meeting should be 1 to ½ hours in length.

5. Open meeting 

6. The Executive Director shall send one (1)  copy of the minutes previous meeting along with the notification of next meeting to each member association. Executive Director shall also e-mail minutes of the previous meeting to all personal who have given their email  addresses. addresses.addresses.addresses.addresses.addresses.addresses.

Article II

Annual Tournament 

7. There will be an annual tournament held during the month of August, along with the annual meeting. Tournament shall consist of a team, singles, doubles and all events. 

8. President of CEZBA  designated representative will serve as tournament director. 

9. The host center will be in the residing president's region. Applications coming from members  who reside 50 or more miles from the tournament site shall be given scheduling preference, providing the applications are received by deadline date. 

10. Annual tournament host association to give CEZBA 10% of bracket money. 

Article III 


11. President shall appoint committees as needed.

Article IV 


12. CEZBA shall, if funds are available reimburse Executive director travel expenses. Executive director shall file expense report with all appropriate receipts in a timely manner to be approved.by the board. CEZBA shall, if funds are available, compensate Executive director, annually the amount of $300.00, unless Board Directors should propose & adopt a different amount of compensation at a meeting of the CEZBA delegates. 

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